Terrier has become the newest Tapaus signature product. Loyal to its London Dry Gin style -born and raised in British lands- our House builds on those origins, incorporating the experiences of the greatest Gin makers and blending them into a classic yet one-of-a-kind product.

Terrier Citric

London Dry Gin

Terrier Spicy

London Dry Gin

Terrier Pink

London Dry Gin

Terrier Wild

London Dry Gin

Terrier Old Tom

London Dry Gin

This 3-product line of premium mixers was conceived for the bartending world, to foster the creation of great cocktails. Hinks & Sons stands out for its use of natural products, sugar, and low-calorie content.

Hinks & Sons

Agua Tónica

Hinks & Sons

Ginger Beer

Hinks & Sons

Indian Tonic

Smooth liqueur, very creamy with a well integrated and pleasant sweet.


Licor de crema de Avellanas

Smooth and enjoyable liquor. Its bouquet of fruit, flower, and herbal essences comprises several grape varieties and achieves a well-balanced structure through the pomace.



Natural caramel liquor, smooth and fragrant, with a perfect touch of syrup.

Golden Spell

Licor fino de Caramelo